Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paka's Hall of Memories~

Our Colourful Poster Collection~

For 3 years, JuliZac, Rieyn and I had been summarizing our single laydeh activities in the form of posters. Even after getting married and taking over the house, I let the posters stay on the living room wall. This tradition was initiated by Rieyn when she taped the very first poster of our first holiday in Terengganu, Pulau Kapas.

 Pulau Kapas 1 - By Rieyn
 Pulau Kapas 2 - By Rieyn
 Tasik Kenyir 1 - By Ju
 Tasik Kenyir 2 - By Rieyn
Dinner with Ladies in Red - By Rieyn
Fit's Bachelorette "Breaking Fast Party" - By Rieyn
 Taman Negara 1 - By Rieyn
Taman Negara 2 - By Ju
Taman Negara 3 - By Kzmi
Melaka Road Trip - By Ju
First Year Anniversary House Warming Party - By Ju
Beijing 1 - By JuliZac
Beijing 2 - By Ju
Bali 1 - By Rieyn
Bali 2 - By Ju
Pulau Redang 1 - By JuliZac
Pulau Redang 2 - By Ju
Pulau Redang 3 - By Rieyn
Hong Kong 1 - By Rieyn
Hong Kong 2 - By Ju
Hong Kong 3 - By JuliZac
Bangkok 1 - By Ju
Bangkok 2 - By JuliZac
Breaking Fast Party - By Ju

I don't know the nasib of these posters once the new tenant arrives... Most probably they'll be going straight to the bin. Hopefully, the new tenants aren't perverts who collect pictures of gorgeous ladies (Hihi!) under their pillows! Hmmm... Now I regret not removing them myself!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miss You Paka~

A Place I Grew to Love!

4 years back, the first time I crossed the state of Terengganu's border, I didn't know what to expect. A new chapter of life began!

Now, having to say goodbye to Paka brings a bit of emosi terganggu feelings. Here's a long list of what I'll be missing, in no particular order:
(Please do no attempt to read if you're in a hurry, this may take a while)

1) My bestie, neighbies, officemates, and friends - most of them had already left Terengganu. But we were a close knit group.

The single girls having dinner together!

2) My house - I remembered how paranoid Rieyn & I were when we wanted to rent it. The owner sounded creepy  But later on we found out he was Rieyn's subordinate!

3) Keropok lekor - This #1 Terengganu snack is only superb when it is made in Terengganu! We munch it by the beach, during meeting, for evening snacks etc... Only here you can find keropok lekor celup tepung! How creative is that?!

Pantai Paka - The 'kepok' haven!

4) McD Kerteh - The place to be before Mesra Mall was opened. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries here... Lame celabration but it's the best we got. The owner must be super rich!

Just hanging out~

5) Mesra Mall - Life was stagnant before Mesra Mall. It took sooo long to open due to some god-knows-what issues. With it, social life improved a notch. Everyday was bowling night, karok night, TMC night (??) until TGV came along... Then it was movie night...! I gave it a cute nickname - Memol!

Movie night at 'MeMol' - Thor!

6) Minimal traffic jam - Swoosh... Vrooom... Preennngg... That's the sound of smoothness driving in Kerteh. Banggg!! Boomm!!.. That, in the other hand, is the sound of cars hitting the lamp post/traffic light/signboard.

Clean and clear~

7) Futsal - Sporty ladies love spending their evenings kicking balls (footballs, not some body parts). At first it was at Samsaba, then Masterscaff, then Mesra Mall. Steven Gerard would be so proud of us!

Mambo and Lady Gaga Futsal Teams at Mesra Mall Sports Center!

8) Squash & KGRP - My nearly weekly dose of adrenaline. More of a chit-chat thing with JuliZac than actual sports.

East Coast Champs!

9) Only 15min to work and 5min drive home - It was the best thing ever, being able to spend 1 hour of lunch time at home watching Channel E with Hasben. Shhh... Don't tell my boss...

"Home in 60 seconds" - or more... =p

10) Island weekend getaways- Terengganu has the best islands in the whole world! Adhoc planning with a group of friends for snorkeling and beach partying (konon) is priceless!

Pulau Redang! Mermaids and Mermen jumping !

11) The LPT, Lebuhraya Pantai Timur - I use it nearly every week to go back to KL. If they manage to complete the construction until Paka, life would be much easier for the weekend spouses.

Temerloh and Gambang R&R - The two biggest at the moment.

12) Monthly facial with JuliZac - Although I have this negative vibe towards the facial lady, it is still something I love to do, something feminine and intimate with bestie. Facial lady likes to charge us hidden costs!!

13) The gas and chemical plants - I remembered seeing them for the first time. I was like, "Wooowww... Api!! Macam dalam cerita Matrix!".

Hasben a.k.a.Neo in the Matrix world!

14) Driving pickups - I felt so manly, wearing a coverall, a bulky safety hat, cool looking safety glasses... And driving the big pickup, Mitsubishi Triton. "Wassap bross..," me greeting people on foot and bikes.

"I'm sexy and I know it..." Ahaks!

15) Breaking fast at Residence/Rumbia - Every Ramadhan, it is a sure thing to be invited for breaking fast at both hotels. If I'm not directly invited, I'll make sure I become someone's plus one.. winks~

Residence Hotel, Paka.

16) The Terengganu dialect - I'm still learning some more vocabs from the locals but mind you, I can definitely understand if you're making fun of me... My first word was  'bolok'!

17) Klinik Syed Badaruddin, Paka - migrains, fever, pregnancy check up, torn ligament... This is the only place for me. Dr. Rashid is the best doctor in Paka!!

God... I miss this place... (-_-)"

18) Nasi dagang - At first, I found it very interesting how the Terengganu people have their breakfast - heavy. Nasi dagang is a dish that grew on me, I didn't like it at once but the ikan tongkol successfully made its mark on my taste bud. Post sebungkus to Australia pleaseeee!

19) The monsoon season (!!) - I don't miss this for what it has to offer but simply for the memories. The East Coast version of winter: Raining all-day all-night, freezing shower, flood everywhere!

During rain... 
... after rain!

20) Last but not least, my work (can't believe I'm saying this!) - I'll definitely miss the work flow, the plants, the contractors who helped me a lot, the feeling of satisfaction when a project is successfully completed, and my very private workstation (no one can see what I'm doing.. Well, except for God)...

Best workstation eveaaah! 
Climbing monkey ladders... That's my job!

Hopefully I can come visit again. Misssss you Paka!! Muah muah muah!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

OZ Garage Sale!

Going to Our First Garage Sale...

Date: 3 December 2011

We are still looking for a house to rent. Kak Ramiza and family have been sooo kind to let us stay with her until we find one. The renting process is very elaborate here, not as simple like in Malaysia.

We tagged along our new friends to visit about 7 garage sales today. Aussies love having garage sales to get rid of their unwanted items or to move out. This is the chance for us 'poor' folks to grab some basic items at extremely low prices.

Shopping time!
Loading our purchase

Our purchase for today includes:
1) Vacuum cleaner - AUD3!
2) Microwave - AUD10
3) New utensil set - AUD8
4) Tupperware plates & jug - AUD5
5) Baby cot blanket - AUD5
6) Heater - AUD8
7) Dustbin - AUD2
8) Baby jumper - AUD1
9) Football boot - AUD1
10) 3 laundry basket - AUD1

Can't wait for next weekend! Going to garage sales has become a habit of Malaysian students in Toowoomba. It is a must every weekend!
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