Friday, January 6, 2012

Doughnut or Do-Not?

Date: 27 December 2011

It was exactly 1 month ago that I bid Malaysia goodbye. I miss it so much! Okay, emotional session over.

Here in Toowoomba, the Malaysian students like to occasionally have small get-to-gethers. Each family (wife to be exact) will bring special delicacies to share. Me, the undomestic goddess, is in panic mode! I like to eat but not cook... or bake... or fry even. Half an hour preparation to be gulped in 5min... (@_@)

However, like it or not, I got to find something to bring. Fruits are an option but it spells out clearly "Lazy-bum woman". Bringing nothing at all will eventually cause my whole family to be black-listed from any events. So during Boxing Day sales, we bought a little doughnut maker at Harvey Norman - half price!

This is not from a garage sale... Yup, you read it right. I actually bought something NEW!

With full of eagerness, we went to Woolworths (people here call it Woolies - how cute is that? But Memol is cuter =)) and stock up on the ingredients.

I was suppose to buy plain flour... not plain WHOLEMEAL flour! But whatevah~

After about 1 hour of mixing and stirring (Manually!!!), I popped the dough in the tiny maker and wallah...!!

Something that resemble doughnuts but taste kind of different (??). I am suppose to add toppings - chocolate/icing/strawberry jam - but my patience has exceeds its limits. Okay, that's all for today!

*Maybe I'll be known as the girl who makes the yummiest doughnut in the world... yeah right~*

1 comment:

Juli said...

woolies? ozian is very known to shorten name as short as possible.

congrats for anothe milestone!hihi

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