Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying Out Cloth Diapers!

The Life of a Pee-Poo Mom!

When I was pregnant, I bought 7 CDs. Thought I'd train my unborn kid to be environmental friendly. I imagined no money wasting on those disposable diapers and a beautiful world not-filled with dirty non-degradable nappies.

So Kimi turns 2 months and a half. Time to turn those lovely imaginations into reality! Hmm... Not exactly how I hoped it to be. He pees and poos... And pee some more... Owh, did I mention poo? This results in washing the CDs... Again and again. Collecting them for machine wash is a bit too unhygenic for me. So I opt to handwash them. Man, this is very challenging I tell you. How did our mothers and grandmothers survived without diapers??

I ended up with alternately wearing Kimi the CDs and the disposable ones. Maybe not 100% saving the planet... But I give myself a B+ for effort, hihi!

To those moms who exclusively CD-ing their babies, I salute you! You have got to be super hardworking, patient, and not to mention alert! Kimi always leaks! Aaahhh...!!

Blogging on the go!

1 comment:

Juli said...

oh pls pls. now tht you are at50% save the planet, dunt let it zoom to 0% after kimi gets bigger poo.hahah

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