Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pimp My Walker!

Raised By A Frugal Mommy - A. Kimi

Date: 19 Feb 2012

After hard-core scrubbing, no more stains!

Lil Kimi is becoming increasing restless these days. He doesn't like lying around too much so I googled "when-can-baby-ride-walker" - most moms answered 4 months and others even said 3.5 months! So yesterday's Garage Sale mission was to find a cheap preloved walker for Kimi.

Luck was on our side when after nearly giving up hope, the second last house we visited had an unwanted walker for sell at $5. I was 'quite' happy. The walker didn't look too appealing. It was quite dirty and the seat had those blacky-thingy we call 'tahi lalat'... But I know, beggers can't be choosers...

Tahi lalat makes the fabric looks dirty! 
Torn plastic seat... Such an eye-sore!

At home, it was time for MTV, Pimp My Ride!!! I started scrubbing all the dirty marks until the white frame sparkled and machine washed the tahi lalat seat... But of course, tahi lalat is still there.

With my old sewing machine, and some scrap cloth, I wrapped the seat at the baby's head area. The rest of the seat was too complicated for me (not to mention too lazy to figure it out).

Cover-up the dirty looking head-rest... 
... and the torn bottom.

Now that the walker looks decent and hyginic enough, Kimi was allowed to test drive... Vroooommmm!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cobb & Co Museum, Toowoomba

Date:12 Feb 2012

It has been super ages since my last museum visit, I can't even remember when! I decided to visit Cobb & Co Museum because it was very near to the place we live in, plus it's FREE for Toowoomba residences! The museum is located next to the beautiful Queens Park. Through out the month of February, activities are being held for visitors - hands on stuff so we can learn to make things like weaving, hat decorating, lace making, etc...

Oh... What is this museum all about? Well, it displays about 40++ original horse-drawn carriages that used to serve Queensland in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. It was amazing to see how people in the old days rely on horses to travel everywhere - our cars (even Perodua Kancil!) are waaaay more comfortable! Hmmm.... fast forward to the year 3012 - our cars will be on display in museums and visitors will be wondering how we survived on tyres! (^u^)Y

I bet this posh looking carriage belonged to a rich man... 
Hasben listening to the story teller in the briefcase. 
This was a double-decker bus... all aboardddd! 
A van... I think....
2-wheeled carriage - might be used for racing? 
An ambulance (more like a funeral van to me...) 
A lorry - I think I read somewhere, it says that once the cargo were secured, people can sit on top of them. Must be heavy work for the horses! 
Tank for irrigation and farming stuff...
Bye-bye horses and welcome petrol station!
Imagine getting stuck in a jam on a rainy day... That can't be good =( 
Hasben and Kimi at the kids' play area... 
Some big kid enjoying himself on the plastic pony!~
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