Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Me and eBay!

Shopaholic Goes Online!

Shopping online is nothing new to me. I got carried away during pregnancy - buying cloth diapers, baby bottles, breastfeeding gadgets, baby carrier... All was blamed on hormones.

Right now, what started as casual window shopping on eBay became quite an addiction! I kept clicking on the "Next" link until the end of the search list. To make matter worst, the clicking was diverted to the "Bid" button!! And right now, I am hoping that someone outbids me on this one item because I don't feel like buying it anymore... Or is there an "unbid" button I don't know off? Aaarghh...!!!

My first eBay purchase arrived last week - a Tupperware jar openner. The seller described it as: Must have for every kitchen. If you have this, you no longer need a man in the house to open tight jar caps. When asked by Hasben, why am I wasting money on this, I confidently quoted the above.

So the time came for me to put to use this rubber thingy. I wanted to cook instant butter chicken. How I twisted and turned, but the jar lid did not pop open! My hand ached and... heart ached too. Apparently, this orange fella cannot replace a man, crap! After admitting defeat, it was time to face Hasben's smirk... And get the bloody jar to open before kuali hangit!

Blogging on the go!
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