Sunday, May 27, 2012

Parkland, South Bank, Brisbane

Brisbane, Again and Again!

Date: 12 May 2012

About 1 year ago, my friends and I hopped on Air Asia, visited Gold Coast and Brisbane. The depressing story here. At that time I was 2 months pregnant. I was not sure then that I will be back.

So now, with Ju Jr. out and about, Hasben and I re-visited Parkland. It is sooo much better than the last time, because: In 2011, it was recovering from the horrible flood. All this time I was wondering what was all this construction site and swampy area about?!

We arrived in Parkland in the evening, parked our car underground ($15!! But better than taking the risk of saman), and excitedly pointing out here and there.. "Dulu kita lalu sini!"

City of Brisbane:

The boys enjoying the sunset:

Free public pool:

Street Beach:

Aquativity - If only we had out bikinis on, haha!

Aquativity at night - colourful lights on!

River cruise - we went on one of these last year:

Carvings on the Nepal Peace Pagoda:

The Pagoda and the Wheel:

Last but not least, The Wheel of Brisbane, gorgeous!

Blogging on the go!

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Juli said...

the wheel of brisbennn..memory stuck mee~

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