Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Restaurant: Roti House

A Taste of Malaysia in Canberra~

Date: 27 June 2012

It is hard enough to find good halal food here, and it is a whole other story to find halal Malaysian food. At first, we were planning to go to Mamak Corner but since the tauke of Roti House informed us that Mamak Corner sells pork and is not halal, we changed our mind (obviously).

Some non-food related info:

The Malaysian Chinese tauke had no problem speaking Malay although he has been staying in Australia for 11 years... So order in Malay if you wish or don't try to ngumpat!
The chef is a Malay man from Kedah.
The deco is classy. The menu is typical mamak food but the price is WOW!
Orang putih ordered 'sambal ikan bilis'... Impressive~

Interviewing the Kedah Chef:

Halal logo ada maaa... Ini kakak was-was meh?

Nasi goreng pataya:

Roti canai, kuey tiaw goreng and teh tarik kaawww!!

Roti tisu pon ada:

Nasi goreng kampung:

Some cravings were definitely satisfied tonight... But of course for a price - $35 to be exact for:
Drinks: 2 x teh tarik + 1 bandung
Food: Nasi goreng kampung + roti telur.
For the fun of it, let's convert to Ringgit... Hmmm... RM100!!!!

Must have: Hot teh tarik!!! So good especially during the cold winter!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Me and Serunding!

Seriously... Fuh!!!

I have to record this milestone... My first ever serunding daging, which I never imagined I would actually even try to make.

We are planning to go on a road trip to Sydney next week and apart from sambal ikan bilis, another common Malay food for on-the-go is serunding. I remembered JuliZac's mom made a bag full of homemade serunding for our trip to Hong Kong. And it was really good - we ate it with nasi impit separa basi and macaroni. Since nobody's mom is going to make it this time around, I have to make it myself!

Browsed the internet and used this recipe as a guideline. Naturally, I didn't follow the steps exactly, made a few changes:

1) Did not bother to siat-siat daging... Used minced meat instead.
2) Did not have any ketumbar (which I know is the most important spice for serunding), so replaced it with curry powder (memang suka hati!)

I also read from another site that it takes about 2-3 hours to make this cuisine. However... For me, I started at 2PM and completed at 9PM!!! 7 hours for the serunding to be sufficiently dry. Can I blame this on the electric cooktop as oppose to the Malaysian common dapur gas?

Anyways, I'm glad it tasted OK after all that effort... And not to mention the electricity bill!

Blogging on the go!
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