Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Apple Picking at Stanthorpe, QLD

Apples Everywhere!

Date: 3 March 2012

Stanthorpe is about 2 hours from Toowoomba, a lovely place with quite a few tourist attractions - considering that this part of Australia is not actually comparable to Gold Coast, activity wise. However, the country side boast many farms - apples, vineyards, lavender... So it is a must for us to try picking fresh apples from the tree (instead from the supermarket).

Coincidently, on the day of our trip, Stanthorpe was organising an Apple and Grape Festival for three days. We dropped by to join in the fun but... seriously, I was expecting a lot of fresh apples and grapes for sale but instead, there was a parade, some fun fair games and food (other than apples and grapes). I must have missed something... *thinking hard*

There were a few places for apple picking but we chose Sutton's because it was exactly by the main road:

Each person was given a red bag for $2 to fill it up with apples. At the end, the bag with the apples will be weigh and charged. So our strategy was to pick as little apple as possible, haha! Without the slightest knowledge on how to choose a juicy apple, we plucked mostly based on how shiny the apple was.

Red apples on the left, purple apples on the right - nice!~

By 4 PM, we decided that we had all the apples we need and started our journey back to Toowoomba. On our way, we stopped by a sunflower farm. OMG... it was such a beautiful sight!! The sunflowers were sooo huge!! Bigger and taller than the average human being... Not at all as I expected - tiny and fits nicely in a pot - Nope at all! If you are looking for a place to shoot wedding pics, this place is gorgeous, provided that you live nearby of course =p

Super big, right?
Feels like being inside a giant's garden!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kimi's First Ball

The Not-So-Spherical Ball~

Date: 29 July 2012

Watching my lil one play, I noticed that he was enjoying his little red ball... Crawling and chasing after it around the room. It wasn't exactly a ball, but one of the shapes from his Lamaze sorter.

Since both Hasben and I are yet to find part time jobs, we have been quite frugal in all aspects. So I decided to make Kimi his very first ball. He is after all a boy and everyone knows that boys and balls are related in some ways.

There are many tutorials for cloth balls in the internet... And those crafty mommies sure know how to make them! This particular tutorial is superb and it comes with a printable template for 3 sizes: small, medium and large. I chose to make a medium sized ball.

Choosing a decent colour and pattern combination from my collection of dull scrap cloths:

Cutting them out into 4 pairs:

Half of a ball ready:

Time to destroy this old cushion for the stuffings:

Yeah!!! It's a... Mmm... Bumpy looking ball!:

After all the hardwork, Kimi didn't seem too keen to play with this made-with-love ball... So I forced him for picture sake and this is the best I could capture (looks like he wants to play with it but the truth is, he was just looking at it):

So what did I actually see when he was playing with the small red ball? Could it be that he was attracted to the red colour??!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Me and Samsung SII~

My New Toy!

Date: 13 July 2012

Fuhh.. Ha...~ I am currently breathing the warm Malaysian air. Having a break from shiverring and hiding under thick duvet for 2 weeks to attend my BIL, Ewan's wedding.

One of the items in my to-do-list is upgrading my iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s. Yup, the sweet present from Hasben was being replaced due to unsatisfactory performance. However, my decision was met with a few raised eyebrows from my brother, the salespeople, and Hasben. IPhone 5 akan keluar September ni... Rugi wooo beli 4s! Samsung S3 was the obvious choice but it is too wide for my small palm. I imagine it will easily slip away when I answer a phone call. Being clumsier than the average human being, I am not willing to take the risk.

Now that S3 is out, S2 price has significantly dropped to RM1450 during PC Fair at KLCC. So yeah, much cheaper than 4S.

From my personal point of view, Android is more fun and user friendly. I can customize the theme and transfer files easily. The widgets are adorable. Another plus point is the universal back button, you can never be lost inside an app ^_^ However, I do miss some of my iPhone 4 apps which, at the moment I can't seem to find at Play Store. Although S2 has an 8MP camera, it performs worse at night than iPhone 4... crap! And iPhone 4's screen responsiveness is unbeatable - this is the reason why Hasben is in love with Apple. As for me, a new gadget is always a temporary addiction. I'll be changing themes and ringtones until boredom kicks in. GTG peeps, am going to check out what's cool and free in Play Store!
This white thing replacing:

This black fella:
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