Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Night Stroll in Melbourne City

Date: 13 Dec 2013

Hasben had a conference in Melbourne for APFIS. Kimi and I spent most of our time in the hotel room, sleeping. Since tonight was our last night before returning home, we forced ourselves to explore the city and asked Ging to join in.

Parked our car at Collingwood Station and took the train to Filnders St Station.

Crossed the street to Federation Square.

It was a Friday night!

Took some pictures of the Victorian Art Centre tower.

Reached Southbank.

The Yarra River:

Passed by a christmas tree at Southgate:

Ate ice cream at Trampoline. Just to be sure, we asked the girl for vegetarian, non-alcoholic ice cream and she said "All of them". Yummy!

Tried to enter Eureka Tower but it was already closed at 10PM, but was able to buy some souvenirs at the gift shop.

Crossed the pedestrian bridge over Yarra River back to Flinders St Station.

Managed to hop on a train at 11PM. But Hasben was craving for McDonlad's so we had to drive to Brunswick for a Halal McD. He has been dreaming of the McChicken for quite some time now...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Birthday...

... What?!

Date: 23 November 2013

It has been a year since i got the iPad mini? I am no longer 28? (Yes, these are questions rather than statements). Time flies too fast and it is getting scarier. I mean, I have only a year left to say, "I am a lady in my twenties". Alarming, isn't it?

This year, Hasben was ready to celebrate at 11.45PM, although I was less enthusiastic. Being sleepy was no excuse as he still insisted on cake-cutting at 12AM sharp. The Bulgarian chocolate cake was, to be honest, too lovely for my own good.

Supriseeee...~ A really suspiciously healthy birthday gift this year - WiiFit!!! Am I really that obviously fat? Ha ha ha!

We tried the game and the board until 2AM. Even Kimi did not show any signs of being sleepy.

Was up quite late and decided to revisit Cobb's & Co Museum, this time with Shasha and Hana. I thought that Kimi will appreciate it more now that he is 2. The last time we went there, he was only a couple of months old. Hmmm... He was still not really interested with the coaches though.

In the evening, went to ZZ's house warming party, ate yummy nasi ayam and spaghetti. A bonus, I must say! Thanks for all the well wishes and doa!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Effect of PhD...

... On Some Really Bad Days.

A whole day at lab can leave you feeling drained at the end of the day. Most of the time, the machine may not work on the first try. This nearly made me cry (drama queen).

Not to mention skipping lunch just so I can complete the whole thing before 3PM, which is the time to hurry home at the speed of light in order to perform Zohor prayer. And this whole time, Hasben was with me at the uni.

"So, what's for lunch?"
"Mmm... Nothing"
So it was M&Ms for me and microwave garlic bread for Hasben. It was his wish to marry someone who can cook like his mom, and my wish to marry someone like Chef Wan - apparently you don't get everything you wish for ;-)

At 5PM, it was time to pick Kimi up from daycare. At uni, I will miss the little tike and remember all the cute things about him but after a long day playing with friends, his moodiness is so incredible that I only have the energy to watch him throw tantrums every 5 minutes, rolling on the floor, screaming for something that I can't understand what. And then, he finally sleeps.

Peace and quiet... But the house is a shipwreck! It's exhausting just looking at the higgledy piggledy stacked dishes and piles of washed laundry on the floor! So I dragged my legs and chose the more critical of the two - dirty dishes are worse. Using the last bit of energy left, the kitchen was rid of unsightly dishes, and now its time to put my feet up for rest and relaxation...

Oh wait, guess who's up and needs a bath and a diaper change?... [>_<]"

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bald Rock National Park, NSW

Date: 3rd November 2013

Bald Rock is a 3-hours drive from Toowoomba and I have been thinking of visiting it since last year. But I was not sure if it was a suitable trip for an infant. However, it is the largest granite monolith in Australia, which means it is a must-go!

So best buds, Julie Zac and Zayra came to visit on 1st November. Was not sure where to bring them around Toowoomba. Oh well, let's try hiking then!

Sunscreen for everyone!:

At first, I was thinking of bringing Kimi's stroller through the Bungoona Walk. The Summit Direct Walk would be out of the question. A lady who just got down advised that it was not a good idea... And thank God for that... (What was I thinking??!) We had a plate of fried rice each at the picnic table to fuel us with energy!

The best thing was, my 2 year old son was just as excited as the adults. He wanted to walk (or run) on his own and made it to the top!

After walking half way, the view started to become very interesting.

At the top, it is a bit dangerous for toddlers but Kimi seemed a bit scared of the height, which is good :p Anyway, loving the view. Was worth the 2 hours return walk.

On our way down. Nearly there!:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rocks Riverside Park, Brisbane

Date: 26 October 2013

Hasben had a friendly game of football with other Malaysian students in Brisbane. While they were playing, the ladies and Kimi were exploring DFO Jindalee nearby.

For lunch, we went for a picnic at Rocks Riverside Park, the largest riverfront park in Brisbane.

There were so many people there; families in big group having gatherings and children playing on the many playgrounds.

The Brisbane River:

Kimi had just a little splash in the paddling pool:

One of the many many many playgrounds:

This park is unique as it is built on a former cement quarry. Some of the industrial artefacts on display:

A really huge rusty screw (?):

A slide for transferring the cement (?):

It is a very big park and the weather was warm. I was exhausted after chasing Kimi around the park. Fuhhh ha!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sofa Makeover, Again...

Bought this blue flowery fabric from Spotlight. Was thinking of sewing myself a shirt dress and realised that the material was similar to a cushion cover. Imagined myself being laughed at by some Aussie granny when she sees me matching her couch!

Plan B - Spent last Sunday making a fitted sheet for the sofa/bed as well as 2 bolster cases. Is pimping up the guest room for the arrival of JuliZac and Zera ^_^

While sewing the bolster case, experienced my first broken-sewing-machine-needle. So Kimi and I went to Spotlight this afternoon in search for a replacement. He slept soon as we arrived, giving me the much needed calm shopping time I was hopping for.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Restaurant: Nandos, Toowoomba Plaza

The One and Only...

There is not many halal restaurants in Toowoomba. I love eating out, it is one of my favourite past time. I used to hang out with family and friends at Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Burger King etc. But here, i feel totally sangap!

Alhamdulillah, there is one Halal Nandos near Kmart. The Nandos in Australia is not exactly the same like the ones in Malaysia, not as good, I think. But I am not complaining, at least I have somewhere to hang out on the weekends or whenever I am too lazy to cook (which is most of the time!!!)

Hasben received an email for a free birthday lunch set so he decided to use it last weekend. We usually order peri-peri hot whole chicken with peri chips side order. There is no ice chocolate in the menu (which I always have in Nandos Malaysia). So instead, we requested the free plain water. This meal cost about AUD20!

Our favourite spot... Nom nom nom while watching people and cars.

*Seriously, we need more halal restaurant in Toowoomba!*

Jacaranda is Blooming!


Purple trees spotted everywhere in Toowoomba! October is the month when normal looking green trees transform into amazing purple trees.

A very big Jacaranda back in 2012

So if you are planning to visit Toowoomba, October-November is the best time. The weather is not too cold, colourful flowers are everywhere in the many gardens (thanks to the Festival of Flowers in September) and the streets are basically purple-ized!

Recycled pic from last year ;o)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eid Adha 1434H~

With beloved adopted family ;o)

Our celebration here is simple but nevertheless filled with festivities and ukhuwah! The night before Eid, was not sure what to cook so decided to make serunding. It took a while to dry so I ended up sleeping at 1.30AM.

Eid prayers start at 7AM, the Toowoomba Bowling Club Hall was rented for this purpose.

Kimi was dressed in white jubah Opah bought from Makkah and his new kopiah in the morning, but changed into t-shirt and shorts 2 hours later...

Every year, Eid Adha is celebrated at Kak Zai's house. While I was helping out with chopping carrots, onions, cucumbers etc... (the only thing I am good for), Hasben went to Brother Yahya's farm to help out with slaughtering of the lambs. It was Kimi's aqiqah, Alhamdulillah.

Hasben and the rest of the guys were so excited to ride on Brother Yahya's Australian horse... Hasben boasted about it while eating Nasi Briyani... Hmph!

I was basically eating the whole day, except from 2-4PM - I had a tutorial session (raya pon kerja...).

The kids were enjoying the most, I envy them...

Cool banner from Shasha and E.

Eid Mubarak everyone!
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