Monday, January 14, 2013

Mount Tamborine, Gold Coast

Date: 12 January 2013

It was about 32 deg C and I was wearing 2 layers of black shirt... Superb! Anyways, we started our journey at 8 in the morning and made our first stop at Mount Tamborine signboard for a group photo. We were tempted by a few "Garage Sales" signs but managed to avoid them (Good Job!). While we were busy posing, another car stopped for pictures too and not-so-surprisingly, they were 2 Kelantanese men. They were not really excited to see fellow Malaysians because, I guess, Malaysians are everywhere here in the Gold Coast. Unlike if you were somewhere in the US, due to small population of Malays, it is something exciting to bump into a fellow countrymen (Source: Mom).

Our first destination was the Glow Worm tour. What makes this tour different than the one in Springbrook is that:
1) You don't have to wait until night time so it is perfect for visitors with time constraint (they close at 5PM).
2) No jungle trekking required thus is perfectly safe for young children.
3) They are not wild glow worms (is this term correct?). They are breaded to increase their population.
4) The cave is man-made. Springbrooks's is a natural cave with an awesome view which you can't enjoy in the dark (too bad).

We also enjoyed the Froggie Tour... Met up with some Australian frogs.

This one is a rubber froggy... 

Later, we explored the famous Mount Tamborine Skywalk which was actually not a stroll-in-the-park as I expected. With a stroller, it was quite hard to walk on the gratings and dirt paths. But it was a good experience, nevertheless. (Apart from being drenched with sweat, BO, dehydration... all was good...)

Air pleaseeee.....  
I was not kidding about the dehydration thingy! 

Before returning home, we had Nandos in Harbour Town where Hasben grabbed a Lacoste T-shirt which he was eyeing for quite some time. Had our prayers at GC mosque where Kimi had a good, refreshing bath that I was really jealous of... Reached home at 10 PM and was sooo thankful for the lovely shower!

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Juli said...

katak pon bole jadi pameran. kat depan umah aku mmg kena sapu je anak katak yg baru nk wat playground yard awesome

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