Friday, April 26, 2013

Tutorial: Nursing Poncho

The Simplest Nursing Poncho Tutorial!

If you don't really mind how you look while breastfeeding, and your only concern is practicality... and you want to make your own nursing poncho, I think this poncho is for you. It will take about 1 hour to complete, if you include toilet and lunch breaks =) !!

Things you need:
1. Sewing machine
2. 1 meter x 1 meter fabric of your choice
3. Thread, scissors

1. Cut fabric in half, from one corner to the opposite corner. You will have 2 pieces of triangle shaped cloths.

2. Sew the seam all around.

3. Place both cloths on top of each other, with the patterns facing inwards. Sew symmetrically from the edges, up to the point where you feel that the neck hole is wide enough to fit your head and to peek your baby.

4. Done!!!

A present for Izza~

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