Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tutorial: Samping for Toddlers

Date: 11 August 2013

Samping or sampin is a Malay traditional attire worn with Baju Melayu. For Eid-Fitr, my little boy only had a pair of Baju Melayu sent from Malaysia. I decided to make him a simple sampin to match his attire. Plus, it seems that cotton sampin is the current trend, which is great!

The only suitable fabric I had was this red stripy cotton one.
1) Cut the fabric into a rectangular shape. Measure the dimensions on your little one:
Length: 2 inches below the knee.
Width: Long enough to fold as though he is wearing a sarong/kain pelekat.

He thinks it is a sejadah~

2) Sew together the edges. Sew the upper and lower seams.

3) On your baby, fold the fabric like a sarong. Adjust the fold to ensure that it is not too tight on your baby's bum. Pin the fold in place.
4) On the top part of the sampin, sew a waistband (even across the fold) and insert the elastic band that will sufficiently grip your son's waist.

The simplest way to keep the sampin on a toddler for more than 5 minutes ;0)

5) Done!

He was forced to pose by his parents. It was chaotic!

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Juli said...

ganas btol parent nk setup this kimi.hahah

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