Friday, October 18, 2013

Restaurant: Nandos, Toowoomba Plaza

The One and Only...

There is not many halal restaurants in Toowoomba. I love eating out, it is one of my favourite past time. I used to hang out with family and friends at Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Burger King etc. But here, i feel totally sangap!

Alhamdulillah, there is one Halal Nandos near Kmart. The Nandos in Australia is not exactly the same like the ones in Malaysia, not as good, I think. But I am not complaining, at least I have somewhere to hang out on the weekends or whenever I am too lazy to cook (which is most of the time!!!)

Hasben received an email for a free birthday lunch set so he decided to use it last weekend. We usually order peri-peri hot whole chicken with peri chips side order. There is no ice chocolate in the menu (which I always have in Nandos Malaysia). So instead, we requested the free plain water. This meal cost about AUD20!

Our favourite spot... Nom nom nom while watching people and cars.

*Seriously, we need more halal restaurant in Toowoomba!*

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