Thursday, November 20, 2014

My First Jubah


It took me a week, but I finally completed my first jubah. With Spotlight having a massive sale, I spent $13 on a 3 meter cotton fabric and $1 on the ribbon. If the finished work was a disaster, I wouldn't feel too bad about chucking it in the bin. But it turned out alright...

I traced my favourite jubah, the one Mak bought from Mecca, and basically just copy-pasted the design and size. Added the zipper for BFing.

Had Kimi took a photo of me in our lawn. The little man had proven useful as I do not have to use a timer. Pssttt... Trying out my Gucci sunnies while I'm at it...

Am a horrible model - but hey, since no one in their right mind is going to hire me, I might as well hire myself [^_^]'

Friday, November 14, 2014

Marble Cake - Rainbow Version

I know what all the healthy-eating-mommies are thinking: Look at all those colours! It's bad, bad, bad!

I must agree but I got the food colourings for free, hand-me-downs from fellow Malaysians. Might as well put them to good use.

I followed the recipe from my favourite site: and was actually impressed with myself for trying a recipe with a difficulty level of "Capable Cooks". I usually go for the "Easy"s.

Hasben and Kimi loved it and this means a lot. As a cook, I admit that I am well below par. I ALWAYS make something that I THOUGHT was superb, only to be met by disappointed eaters.

"I made something special today~ Hurry up everyone, come and grab your mushroom soup/frozen strawberry yogurt/buah melaka/apam balik/mac and cheese/mash potato~ Confirm yummy!" Hasben would shut his eyes and wiggle his shoulders while Kimi would yell and cry "Not tasty!!!"

So in the end, I alone had to finish up the "syok sendiri food". How annoying!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Really Need a Shower

I really really do... But it is not easy. Something as basic as cleaning oneself is now a luxury to have. Like for instance, yesterday, I just had it with smelling like a dude from a construction site...

Baby was cranky and sleepy and screaming. So the top priority was to bounce him to sleep. Yesss! Success! But I barely made it to the bathroom door...

"Ibu, Kimi hungry, pancake pleaseeeee~~~~" said the toddler. Before he starts making more noise, which will lead to screaming baby, I made a super fast (horrid looking) pancake, served with choco topping, just in time for baby to wake up and cry his lungs out. So again, I bounced baby to sleep. Tip toed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth...

"Ibu....~~~ water!!!" The decibel (dB) was just right to wake baby up as I can hear him crying through the door. Filled bottle with water, bounced baby to sleep, ran into the shower...

Bliss... 3 seconds later, could it be possible? "Uwaaa uwaaaa" was drowned by the drizzling sound of the shower. So I sped up the bathing process and nearly flew right out of the bathroom.

Baby still unsettled until he drank (milk) himself to sleep:

Hmm... At least I smell better than before. Can't complain. Now let's imagine how life would be with 3 kiddos...

Monday, October 13, 2014

30 and 3 - Mega Celebration!

Date: 9 October 2014

My boy turns 3 today while Hasben is 30 years 1 day old! We were very excited to have a little party for Kimi since he now understands the joy of a birthday party (am guessing from his kids' apps and cartoon shows).

Made a party invitation card for him and asked him to check the mailbox for it.

He ran from the mailbox to the house, his face full of expectation. His reaction when I yelled "SURPRISE!" was priceless ;0)

We had a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (What? No homemade mommy's cake? This is special indeed!)

The presents were wrapped up nicely... Instead of using pamphlet papers.

Kimi was super excited to unwrap his gifts, and played with them on the spot.

Hasben, not as excited - turning 30 didn't make him smile as wide as on his 25th birthday ;p

Wearing his Mossimo shirt and Lacoste specs.

Served yesterday's Nandos chicken for lunch (Haha!)

Used my Special-Occasion-Teapot from Maxwell and Williams.

There were only the four of us with Mak on FaceTime, but Kimi's excitement had made the atmosphere super fantastic! Sob sob... My baby is growing up so fast...

He truly enjoyed himself and loving everything about the party, even the candles... which he ate. Yes, he was that happy!

Background: Kimi exhausted after too much partaying~

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eclipse - My First Experience

Date: 8 October 2014

Okay, I am nearly 30 years old (not yet, mind you) but this is the first time that I actually tried to witness the eclipse. And Toowoomba was basically the best place to witness the Blood Moon. So I readied myself with my Canon G15, and counted the seconds to see the unfolding of this rare event. Tried learning from Hasben all the technical aspects of a powerful camera (DSLR). Guess what, being sucky with numbers, I just couldn't grasp the concept well... Too much thinking was involved! So this was basically my attempt to capture some decent pictures of the moon by 'point-and-shoot'.

But first, we had to go to Coles to buy some groceries... All the while praying, "Please God, don't let me miss the moon turning red..."

Ordered Nando's for dinner because Mommy was just too distracted to function well today.

Yes... am very excited to see the whole process. Missed the part where the moon went completely dark (wait, was that suppose to happen?). We had a couple of shots at the field near USQ, and continued at home. Alhamdulillah, the sky was perfect, just a bit cloudy at the end of it all.

Psstt... Someone is 30 today... I'll talk about this later (^u^)y

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Heart Cushion Cover

Date: 10 October 2014

Am not a fan of plain white for home deco. Decided to busied myself with an impromptu project. Was initially hoping to purchase some IKEA fabric to make cushion covers, but thought to myself, "Please... stop spending money... Have some self-control, woman!" Well, actually, if IKEA had online stores, I'd probably be waiting for the postman by now... (Note: IKEA is a 2-hour drive from Toowoomba. This may explain the situation better).

Ransacked my bag of leftover fabrics and found this pink cloth. Drew on a few heart shapes with a black pen. 

Traced the heart shapes with coloured threads using the sewing machine. 

And tadaa... 

Belang-belang chenta!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kak Rose's Homestay, Gold Coast

Our 2014 Eid-Adha celebration is different this year. Instead of having our 'jamuan raya' at Kak Zai's house like we always do, we decided to celebrate it at Brisbane and Gold Coast, with all 6 Toowoomba families.

After Eid prayer, we convoyed to Brisbane, picnic raya at Parklands Southbank. I made pulut kuning with beef rendang. The kids played in the pool and later, we took the free ferry ride along Brisbane River.

Had some chocolaty dessert at Max Benner's:

We reached Kak Rosmini and Abang Daniel's Homestay in Gold Coast at 5 PM. Their hospitality is superb! Meals are included in the package and it feels exactly like spending time in a relative's home. If you are planning to visit Gold Coast and needs a place to stay, do contact Kak Rose by checking out her website:
Kak Rose's Homestay
Our bedroom for the night:

Raya dinner served hot and fresh:

The daddies enjoying their hearty meals - rice with lamb curry, sausages, ikan masin, potato wedges etc...

All six families in the living room, with a total of 14 kids... 90% of them are toddlers!

A little garden in front of the homestay, isn't it gorgeous?

Before, going back to Toowoomba, we went for the compulsory shopping trip at Harbour Town, which is about 5-10 minutes from the homestay and headed to Brisbane to IKEA. Hasben daydreaming:

Had our dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in Calamvale (not impressed with the customer service for the umpteenth time, will probably not go there anymore).

Anyways, Eid Mubarak to everyone! (^u^)~

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Toddler Pillow

Didn't like the fact that these 2 bolsters were under-utilised, just laying around occupying precious space.

Thought that maybe Kimi would like a toddler-sized pillow to sleep on at night - instead of randomly sleeping on sofa cushions. So I destroyed the bolsters, took out the stuffings, and fitted them in a little rectangle sack. And also made a cover for it, sewed on some patches of fabric into a car shape.

Everything blue for a little boy's bed.

But... He still sleeps on the random sofa cushions... Oh well...

A bit of acting for the sake of picture-taking.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Blanket Makeover

Reusing old stuff to make something new always excite me, because I don't like to see something semi-usable get thrown out. I mean, the old thing still has life in it, but not so pretty anymore.

When I arrived here in Toowoomba, a few friends passed some hand-me-downs and this included this old blanket. The tag is sooo old-school, it says that it was made in England. The blanket has a big whole in the middle which I attempted to cover, and the edging is also torn at some places.

The patch sewn was used as a parking lot for tiny cars. I smiled at this sight. Kids have the cutest imagination!

Another item given was a comforter/duvet cover which is square shaped, thus not a good fit with any comforter size I own. So, what I did was, placed the blanket inside the cover and fold it at the edge so it will fit nicely.

I sew together the cover with the blanket about 3 inches from the edge, making a square shaped frame. Initially, I wanted to make more squares until it reaches the center of the blanket. But, it wasn't such a good idea. As the blanket was big, it was hard to sew the layers without this happening:

So 2 squares were good enough for me.

Now, this 'new' blanket looks better and perfect for spring. Hasben says its too comfy, he's having trouble waking up! ... And Kimi seems to like it too:

The best thing is, it is not too bulky when folded... Good for storage ;0)

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Joy of Confinement!

Apart from being stuck at home (well, for the first two weeks to be honest) and suffering the pain of post-labor (mostly due to the tearing), my confinement period was AWESOME! Both my mom and MIL came to take care of me and wee baby for nearly the entire 44 days! Hello social life and great-authentic-home cooked with love-Malaysian food! Okay, here are some memories to cherish of the past 1.5 month, which by the way, passed too quickly for my liking.

Mak and Mama had to get vaccinated against whooping cough since they will be spending most of their time with baby. This is serious stuff in Australia. Me and Mak at USQ clinic:

Two weeks after their arrival, my dad, siblings and BIL (from hereon known as Dad and gang) arrived to celebrate Eid together. Our little house was so packed with people that I have to ignore my "Monk-ness" as the house was in a horrific state. They came with gifts and kuih raya from the homeland. This particular one is from Awin aka Mama Win (who was Ummi for about 2 days. She wasn't sure what her nephews should call her):

My dad the Atok spent some quality time with Kimi, who for no valid reasons, was on a kicking spree. The victims included all the grandparents (@_@)

Eid Fitr this year was special. It was a meaningful time for me, having my whole family on the morning of Syawal. The theme was all black for the ladies and all creamy for the men.

On 3rd Syawal, my family had a 3-day short trip to Sydney. My mom was so excited to visit the Opera House. Obviously I couldn't tag along. Mama and Adam the BIL stayed in Toowoomba but did a little sightseeing in Brisbane city and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dad and gang went back to Malaysia after 10 days in Oz, leaving the mothers to continue their motherly duties. We treated them with Sofras, the turkish restaurant. Mak was enjoying the lamb while Mama was dreading the smell.

When they're not cooking, cleaning or sleeping, the mothers were on a shopping spree! Some items (by that I mean a lot) were already in Malaysia, flown together with Dad and gang. My dad, by the way, bought a whole bunch of Harley Davidson stuff. Whoever says that guys hate shopping should clearly apologise. Please see circled items:

Anyways... apart from Corelle dinnerware, Mak and Mama decided they love Rockmans' fashion and spent nearly 1 hour in the boutique... Twice on different days!

Sam Warehouse was closing down and had everything marked down to 50%. So we did some bargain hunting there:

We also went for the compulsory Garage Sales and Vinnies trips to try our luck on further bargains. Luck was not so much on our side :(

I know I was not suppose to eat ice cream but I admitted that I cheated and had some Baskin Robbins ;0)

The only thing that I found lacking in our hospitality (cewah!) was that we couldn't seem to make their sleeping arrangement comfortable enough. Each morning I woke up to this sight:

We gave each a Pandora pram charm, to remind them of their grandsons here in Toowoomba.

The day of their flight home was just around the corner. The packing of all the shopping conquest required detailed planning and precision - to avoid baggage overweight.

I baked an Oreo cheesecake and we had a little farewell ceremony for them. Kimi sang 'Happy birthday to you' and blew some candles.

Finally, on the night of 21/8/2014, both mothers were preparing themselves for the flight home scheduled tomorrow morning. And this was the time they found out that they have booked a different flight - only Mama was flying tomorrow, Mak's flight was on the following day. There was a moment of panic and chaos. Since the flight was in less than 24 hours, nothing much we could do about it. They found someone to blame - Adam - who were the one clicking the mouse during booking. The poor boy (together with Mak and Mama) had booked the wrong KL-Gold Coast flight for himself but was rectified ASAP by Hasben and I. However, no one notices this particular mistake until the very last minute. Anyway, now that everyone is safe at home (comfortable on their own beds, I may add), we can laugh about it! Ha ha ha sob sob uwaaa! I miss them...
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