Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Story of the Missing Jeans

This conversation is not what you would expect from a father to his 25 and 27 year old sons. An older sister to a younger sister - happens every time. A mother to her daughters - maybe.

Once upon a time, in a family WhatsApp group:

Dad: Am.. I hv been serchin for this jean of mine for months.. its cfm'd now u hv been using it!!
Am: Pian
Not me
Dad: Serius??? Whos belt is that?
Am: 1st time seeing that in my life
I dont know
Dad: I m gonna nail the owner of that belt
Am: Too ugly to ve my belt
Yan: Just bought it for the function.. Sory to disappoint the both of u My sense of fashion is non existance Hahaha
Dad: Yr choice of fashion isnt my concern.. its my missing jean I m talkin bout
Yan: Haha mak kasi adik da lama dah But i might hve confused that 1 with the 1 mak kasi
Dad: Owrite dek.. u r forgiven this time!!
WinZie: Lolol!
Yan: I need more jeans 😭
Dad: Me too
Yan: Jom shopping jeans bah 😁 Sempena raya china

The jeans that nearly caused a family feud:

Char Kuew Tew Special!

Taste: Awesome!

This is the special-est dish ever! It was made by Hasben who learnt the recipe from Abg Shaf. The fact that he actually took the time to memorise the recipe and perfecting the skill was tremendously shocking! I mean, I can safely say that cooking is not his passion but I see some improvement this couple of days... Let us hope that he will be trying out other recipes... And I can hang my apron with a smile ;0)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Toowoomba Mosque

Toowoomba now has its own mosque! If you are ever in the area and needs a place to perform solah, do come and visit.

Address: 217-221, West Street (corner of Stephan St), Toowoomba, 4350 QLD, Australia.

A significant upgrade from the old Islamic Centre located within USQ premises.

Had the first site visit in July 2013. The multi-racial muslim community in Toowoomba, mostly students from USQ:

The mosque was officially opened yesterday for the public. We had our first Asar prayers, alhamdulillah.

The area for the muslimahs.

A little area for the kids. Kimi was excited to be the Imam ;p

Let's donate for the mosque! Account details as stated in the banner below:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hasben's Murtabak Maggie

Hmm... It has been 4 years since I was served with this special delicacy from Hasben, and that was the time when he wanted to prove he is 110% husband material, thus marry-able ... Haha! Now, it takes a video recorded oath to ensure that he makes the murtabak this very Sunday. It was nearly 10PM and I casually informed him that he had forgotten his promise...

A few youtube-clips-on-"resepi orang bujang" later, he presented me with this... For Hasben, this is equivalent to a home cooked candlelight dinner, hihi! Thanks babes! It was yums!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year 2014

Goodbye 2013...

The fireworks display in Toowoomba is such an anticipated event. Every 31st December, we have 2 countdowns, one at 7.40 PM and the other one is at 12.00 AM. This is a great way to give the family with kids the opportunity to enjoy the fireworks. Very thoughtful and a brilliant idea! Each fireworks display last for about 10 minutes. And this year, we went to Queens Park on time (unlike last year, we only made it to the parking lot, haha!) and guess what, Kimi was scared of the noise. Funny little man... It was a great night out!

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