Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weetabix Choc Chip Cookies

Nobody in this house likes to eat Weetabix, but I bought it on sale. I tried encouraging Hasben to eat it with Milo or Nescafe but that didn't work. I am not a fan of throwing out food unless there was absolutely no choice.

I found this easy recipe for Weetabix Cookies: and it tasted great. I even left out the 50g granulated sugar to try to be healthier... Haha~

While busy shaping the dough into little balls, Kimi, who was excitedly watching Disney Cars, accidentally stepped on the plate, squashing 2 pieces of cookie doughs with his foot!!! I was shouting, "Noooooo!" but he came closer with his foot verrryyy close to the other undamaged doughs, threatening with a menacing smile to re-perform the squashing ritual! Isn't he a cheeky little monster?! I ended up re-shaping the squashed dough - so much for healthy (or even hygienic) food... Oh well...

Anyway, the finished product is okay. It could be the first time that my homemade cookies actually looked like real cookies. I used to make crumbled cookies, cekodok cookies and poo-looking cookies. Hopefully, I did not get the Kimi-foot-cookies, I can't really tell which one it is!

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