Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunbeam Waffle Stick Maker

The memory of crunchy chocolate spread waffles at Spectrum, Bandar Baru Ampang was haunting me for the past couple of weeks. Couldn't find any road side sellers selling waffles here... In fact, I don't think there is any road side seller...

Anyway, I remembered Harvey Norman used to have this clearance sale on novelty dessert makers, usually at half price. Two years back, I bought a mini doughnut maker by Kambrook there and dreamt of making the best doughnuts and wrote about it in this blog. However, as a reasonable person would expect, such sale might no longer be available... And I was quite disappointed... But... Browsing hopefully at The Good Guys, I found a similar appliance by Sunbeam for $24.90. YES!

So today I thought I would give it a go and made chocolate waffles. I think it works well (on the first try). The waffles were just nice, a bit fluffy + a bit crunchy, and did not stick to the pan.

The only thing was, the rectangular shape did not appeal to Kimi so I ended up eating them on my own... :0(

Loving my new little gadget, at the moment ... until a new one comes up... [^~^]y

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mom & Son Batik Pants

Thesis writing is a very stressful thing. Of course, one would expect that, unless you are a super nerd who loves the thrill of sharing knowledge, which I am obviously not. While staring at my laptop screen of mostly Microsoft Word, I had this sudden thought... I missed sewing!

Must... Resist... Urge... To... Touch... Sewing... Machine...!

Hmm, that mantra obviously failed because by the end of the day, I had 2 pairs of matching batik pants - one for me and a mini one for Kimi! He was excited to see that he had the same pants as me. Hasben was a bit disappointed that I didn't make him one. Probably feeling a bit left out on how cool we look!

Here is Kimi, eating pancakes and working his traditional pants:

Anyway, as for me, one confinement pants - ready! But I'm not!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Modern Day Hazard!

I have realised something... I may need some counselling! Apart from shopping the traditional way (actually being present at the shops, which I still do), or bidding through e-bay, I have expand my online shopping to the likes of and OZSale, where they actually have special apps for you to browse the ever changing catalogues. These apps are now becoming my bedtime story, a must read before bedtime... Which turns deadly when you have the sudden urge to buy something at 1am! This week, the parcel keeps coming and due to lack of social friends, being a SAHM, I had to WhatsApp the pictures of my purchase to JulieZac and WinZie, just to share my enjoyment! Pathetic, I know...

These are just some of the things I bought this past month, hopefully that's it... Must be pregnancy cravings, but inedible...

Interestingly, even my groceries shopping are done online as both Woolworth's and Coles have this Click&Collect thingy. This isn't a bad thing as I can manage what is really needed and spend on sale items better. It's exciting when the receipt shows - Total = $60; You Save = $60. What an achievement! The only thing is, to collect, we have to drive about 15 min to Wilsonton. And the other thing is, the minimum purchase for C&C is $50, so you can imagine how sometimes you HAVE to buy something you don't really want, just to reach $50. Less of an achievement if this happens =(

Hasben haven't commented negatively on this habit yet... The secret is, sometimes I buy stuff for him, like a Brazil World Cup t-shirt. So as long as he's happy, I am more than happy! Ahaks!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cooby Dam, Kleinton, QLD

A tranquilizing place just north of Toowoomba, popular with fishing enthusiasts. Me? Nope... Neither Hasben for that matter. But I do have this tiny obsession with dams. Hasben could not understand it, to him, dams are all the same. But what's not to like about high concrete walls, separating land and man-made lakes?! Ecologists might not have the same view on this but too me, they are scenic and photo-worthy. Plus, as a part-time Hydraulics tutor, I can relate in a tiny manner, how the dam works - pressure prism (that's all I got really)...

The view from from the dam wall.

Anyways, after a tremendous effort to influence Hasben on this trip, we finally arrived at Cooby Dam on the eve's of Mothers Day for a picnic lunch. Made nasi goreng belacan, which was AWESOME! Haha!

The concrete wall.

There were no one else at Cooby Dam wall so we had the place all to ourselves.

Daddy's little helper.

At Loveday Cove, that is where all the action is. There were a few fishing boats spotted and ducks and black swans seem to enjoy this area more. There's even a playground for children. One thing missing though, the concrete dam =p

A lone fisherman at a distant.

On the boat ramp.

A quick swing before heading home.

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