Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cooby Dam, Kleinton, QLD

A tranquilizing place just north of Toowoomba, popular with fishing enthusiasts. Me? Nope... Neither Hasben for that matter. But I do have this tiny obsession with dams. Hasben could not understand it, to him, dams are all the same. But what's not to like about high concrete walls, separating land and man-made lakes?! Ecologists might not have the same view on this but too me, they are scenic and photo-worthy. Plus, as a part-time Hydraulics tutor, I can relate in a tiny manner, how the dam works - pressure prism (that's all I got really)...

The view from from the dam wall.

Anyways, after a tremendous effort to influence Hasben on this trip, we finally arrived at Cooby Dam on the eve's of Mothers Day for a picnic lunch. Made nasi goreng belacan, which was AWESOME! Haha!

The concrete wall.

There were no one else at Cooby Dam wall so we had the place all to ourselves.

Daddy's little helper.

At Loveday Cove, that is where all the action is. There were a few fishing boats spotted and ducks and black swans seem to enjoy this area more. There's even a playground for children. One thing missing though, the concrete dam =p

A lone fisherman at a distant.

On the boat ramp.

A quick swing before heading home.

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Unknown said...

Brilliant afternoon.. Should visit more dams in near future!

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