Friday, September 19, 2014

Blanket Makeover

Reusing old stuff to make something new always excite me, because I don't like to see something semi-usable get thrown out. I mean, the old thing still has life in it, but not so pretty anymore.

When I arrived here in Toowoomba, a few friends passed some hand-me-downs and this included this old blanket. The tag is sooo old-school, it says that it was made in England. The blanket has a big whole in the middle which I attempted to cover, and the edging is also torn at some places.

The patch sewn was used as a parking lot for tiny cars. I smiled at this sight. Kids have the cutest imagination!

Another item given was a comforter/duvet cover which is square shaped, thus not a good fit with any comforter size I own. So, what I did was, placed the blanket inside the cover and fold it at the edge so it will fit nicely.

I sew together the cover with the blanket about 3 inches from the edge, making a square shaped frame. Initially, I wanted to make more squares until it reaches the center of the blanket. But, it wasn't such a good idea. As the blanket was big, it was hard to sew the layers without this happening:

So 2 squares were good enough for me.

Now, this 'new' blanket looks better and perfect for spring. Hasben says its too comfy, he's having trouble waking up! ... And Kimi seems to like it too:

The best thing is, it is not too bulky when folded... Good for storage ;0)

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Juli said...

Bukan ke ezam susah nk bangun since forever ke.?haha

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