Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

And I am Thirty! 

Another new year in Toowoomba. Could possibly be my last one though. Anyway, am currently writing this post using my 'new' Samsung Note 3. A belated birthday present from Hasben. He was very determined to convert me (yet again) to Androidisme...  Since I totally disliked my previous S2, he let me experience this Note 3 for about 3 days to let me decide whether I would like to maintain my iPhone 5, or convert. Needless to say, here I am, married to this Note 3. Loving the S Pen and hopefully, I won't need a tablet anymore :-) But honestly, I do miss my Apple apps.

Me turning 30? Not the best thing to happen.  Kind of  worried about the usual things - wrinkles, pigmentation, flabbiness... Anyway, the birthday dinner was celebrated a day later because Sofras was fully booked on 23rd November. I 'kumpul kelaparan' to ensure that I enjoyed the food,  and Hasben was looking embarrassed: Ju,  please stop eating and breath.

Since Hasben didn't get me any birthday cake, I decided to bake myself a pandan cake on the 25th... And asked everyone to sing a birthday song. So as you can see, as you grow older, you have to be proactive, or else, there will be no celebration... And in my case, it was a 3-day celebration! (muka x malu, haha).

Happy 2015 peeps!

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Juli.Zakaria said...

hahaha.. so cute the usaha one. kimi must be proud to sing to ibu

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