Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tutorial: Toilet Mat - Refurbished!

Viewer discretion is advised. Post contains toilet related issues.

I don't know why but being as frugal as I am, I find it very hard to buy a new toilet mat. Those fluffy luxurious ones can cost up to $20, and I feel that is better spent on my clothes/shoes/handbags. Heee~ My current mats are not very pleasant to look at, with holes and black spots all over the place. So I challenged myself to upcycle this blue one using only scrap fabrics. I am a hoarder of scrap fabrics, I have loads of them. Am not sure what I am planning to use them for - so Challenge Accepted!

1) This is actually very clean, freshly washed... Just a very ugly looking mat. So firstly, you need an ugly mat:

2) After much deliberation, I finally decided to use this blue fabric (it was previously a scarf). Covered the whole mat on both sides, and pinned them together: 

3) Used a ruler and a pen to draw evenly spaced lines on the mat. With a sewing machine, sew on the lines, starting from the middle and worked my way to the sides. 

4) Repeat with perpendicular lines, making square shaped patterns. 

5) Combined rectangular shaped fabric to make a long ribbon. This was used to cover the seam.

6) It is all done! Ugly mat hidden beneath a layer of scrap fabric!

The back side did not look too good as I had to combine some small pieces of cloth to have enough to cover the whole mat. Frugal level: 100.

The 'new' mat on its first ever task:
This picture needs to be in black-and-white to hide any potential criticism on the cleanliness of my toilet, hahah!

New Sofa Cover!

We bought our Ektorp corner lounge a few years back from Gumtree, it comes with washable white with blue flowers covers. Having 2 kids, washable means a lot but white is just too much work. The sofa looks more brown even though I tried washing them a couple of times.

Hasben was suddenly very excited in making over the house after watching some reality show on TV. He was keen on changing our lounge covers but finding out they cost $409 in Ikea, it was a bit of a let down. So we tried our luck on Gumtree and miraculously, we found this red cover in NSW. The seller was very nice and was willing to post the whole bundle to us! Mind you, the total weight was more than 8kg!

We waited excitedly over the weekend for the postie to arrive, and when he finally did, it was like opening a birthday present!

The lounge now looks awesome (Thanks Kelli!) and I even refurbished our old cushions. I combined 2 cushions into 1 to make it look more fluffy and bought this black-white furniture fabric from Spotlight ($6/m clearance).

I spent the whole afternoon today making the cushion covers and loved the end result. Hopefully, any chocolate stains will not be too visible against the dark red of our new lounge :) Our next makeover project will probably be the guest room... Hmm...

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