Saturday, October 22, 2016

Coochiemudlo Island, Qld, Australia.

Date: 8 October 2016

Happy birthday Hasben! Let's go for a romantic island getaway... with the kids... which means, just an island getaway.. =p

Coochie, a short ferry ride from mainland Brisbane, cost $9 return per adult - is one of the cheapest island trip in Moreton Bay. So there's a big chance for us to revisit Coochie. The only downside is that camping is not allowed - so a day trip it is! We arrived at Victoria Point Jetty at about 10am and bought the tickets once we boarded the ferry.

10 minutes later, we arrived in Coochie. We planned to cycle around the island by renting bikes from the local company there. However, due to some new safety regulations, only adults' bikes were available. That was quite a bummer. There is no way in the world we could drag the kids on a bicycle adventure.

So plan B was to let the kids swim in the beach for about half an hour... while I just enjoy the view, sitting down. Not the adventure I was looking for, but that will do.

Jumping froggy. 

Slapping on some sunscreen.

Beautiful view and such a nice weather.

Dead jellyfish - something of concern?

With the presence of the jellyfishes, we gathered the little ones, cleaned them up, and catch the next ferry back to the mainland. And ended up eating our lunch in the parking lot while both kids fell asleep instantly!

I was hoping to go to IKEA Logan just for a look-see but Hasben said, let's just find IKEA stuff on Gumtree - which honestly, has a higher percentage of purchasing success! Haha! So we bought a TV cabinet and coffee table from the PS range from 2 different sellers... and am very happy with the splashes of colours in our living room. 

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