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Book: You're The One I Don't Want

Author: Alexandra Potter

Seriously, I had so much fun reading this book, I covered half in just one day! With my hormonial changes these days, I don't think I am up for depressing books. As for silly, annoying heroins, they just get on my nerves! However, this book is definitely a chick-lit, but a fun one at  that!

My Synopsis

Lucy and Nat was destined to be together for eternity - they made sure they were. At 19, they met in Venice, Italy and kissed under the Bridge of Sigh at sunset. Legend has it, this kiss will guarantee they will never be seperated for the rest of their lives, although both have to return to their homelands soon.

10 years later, Lucy is still single and cannot forget her "The One". Nat broke up with her during her college days to marry Beth. However, they met again when Lucy was offered a job in New York. At first, they were falling madly in love all over again... until they realized, 10 years can really change a person. Whether it is a coincidence or magic, Lucy cannot get rid of the new, annoying, balding Nat.

Lesson Learnt

Your teenage Mr. Right might be your adult Mr. Wrong. *Teehee*

Will be reading other books by Alexandra Potter soon!


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