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Hotel: The Zon, KL

Date: 12 July 2011

A work event in KL! How exciting! Immediately i called a few hotels around KLCC but was met with dissapointment as nearly all was fully booked... Except for The Zon. Another dissapointment - Hasben's boss gave him the red light to join the event. This means I was on my own!

So spacious!

Very very convenient. 5 min walk to KLCC. In front of Asy-Syakirin mosque and KLCC park.

Positive comments:
1. Possibly among the lower rates service appartment close to KLCC.
2. Apartments are super spacious!

No time to use the kitchen though...

Not so positive:
1. There were insufficient elevators - it took forever for it to reach me since the building had 25 floors!
2. Woken up from sleep due to loud noises from adjacent construction site =(

All in all, my ME time was great! Had 2 bubble baths, relaxing novel reading time, and all you can eat breakfast! A little boring but truly relaxing~

Hot bubble bath.. aaaAAaaa~~


Juli said…
if can jumppe the tokei hotel wife is nicer. bukti terbaekk!haha
piter said…
This blog on hotel The Zon is quite interesting. It shows both positive and negeative shadows of the hotel.

Pousadas em buzios
Dear Ju Zie,
Thank you for your comments & compliments. We'll do our best to serve value guest as you.Looking forward to see you again (perhaps with family?)
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