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Liverpool VS Harimau Malaya!!

The Reds Against The Champions Of South East Asia!

Date: 16 July 2011

The first time I saw The Reds played live was in Singapore back in 2009. They won 2-0 against the Singapore National Team.

At Singapore National Stadium, 2009

I had no plans to see them in Bukit Jalil this time around but thanks to Dad's friend, I got free grandstand tickets!! Yippi doo daa!

Our Tickets!
Hasben shopping! 
Hasben and Gerrard together~

We sat in front of 2 English ladies who by the way, were seriusly sweating... I'm sure this is no Anfield! Harimau Malaya was playing quite well, like a true SEA champ!

Player Line Up

The dissapointing part of the whole thing was, the absence of Gerrard and Suarez. In Singapore, I got to see all the star players: Gerrard, Torres (not really a fan), Mascherano (I hope I spelt that right), Alonso, Reina etc. But seeing Dirk Kuyt scored made my day!

Torresrist! Haha!

The best part was, it was a goal fiesta! The result was 6-3, proved that the Harimaus were bighting back... Aumm!! An entertaining game, much better than Arsenal's (2-0) and worst, Chelsea's (1-0, in my opinion, it really was 0-0).

The first goal - penalty kick.

Hopefully Liverpool FC will have a good season next year!



Juli said…
tiket free!! thts the coolest, ok ,not if star players were also around which wud be awesome!hahaha
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