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Movie: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows - Part 2

Goodbye Harry and Gang!

Date: 16 July 2011

The final installment of Harry Potter - no more magical indulgence from Hogwarts after this. I had to watch this movie with besties, DD and Lohi, who during our young teenage days, were super engrossed with the books. It's a piece of history that we must conclude together.

It was hard to find the right time where all 3 of us were available but we managed. Lohi bought the tickets online to ensure that we got the best seats in TGV, KLCC.

The movie to me was fast pace and had many scripts, I guess to make non-readers understand what was going on. It was really sad to see many characters killed in the battle (as expected). The best part though was seeing young Snape, and his memories - I find it so sweet. However, this movie did not give me the after effect I got from the previous one, HP7 Part 1.

Bye Harry, Hermione, and Ron!


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