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Where Was I During Bersih 2.0?

Date: 9 July 2011

Traffic jam at Sprint Expressway
Source: The Star Online

I was in KL!! I promised to meet up with Hasben at PNB Darby Park, where he had a technical training. I had no choice but to drive on my own all the way from Kerteh to KL. At Karak Highway, I was met with a massive jam! It took me exactly 1 hour to get from MRSM Bentong to Lanchang tol, which in normal situation, will only be a 30 seconds drive!! To make matter worst, the air-con starts to annoy me by blowing hot air! I was hot, hungry, wanted to pee and super tired - not to mention nearly in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy! Roll down the car window you say? Yeah, i tried that - the exhaust fumes from the lorries surrounding me were worse than the heat. When I finally reached the roadblock, the policeman, who was in his late 40s I think, said, "Thank you miss, you may go..." with a very weary face. I felt kind of sorry for him, so my anger subsided as I started driving as fast as I could to blow off the steam, hmmmph!!

Having breakfast at PNB Darby Park

Anyway, that was 2 days before Bersih. The next day, I realised that everyone was complaining about traffic jams all over KL. At PNB Darby Park, I indulged myself with my long overdue bubble bath, played squasy with Hasben, and shopped for Mid Year Sale! God, my mood was improving already!

1 hour of squasy! 
Pretending to do some gym work while viewing KL~ 
Bubbly tub tub! 
Asy-Syakirin Mosque - Friday Prayers

On the Bersih day, I went for a wedding ceremony of my babyhood friend in Setapak. It was not lucky for the KL-ians' brides and grooms as many guests were either stuck in jam or did not even attempt to come to avoid the jam altogether. Hasben and I was amazed to see Jalan Ampang so clear (because nobody was allowed to enter KL). However, near LRT Ampang, the police were really going all out doing spotchecks - they inspected everyone's car boots!

Near KLCC at 12PM - Car-less! 
Near LRT Ampang - Car-full!

I'm glad that's over! I vote for peace. Hopefully Malaysia will not be going through something more brutal than this in the future!


Achiq said…
nasib baik belang2 x pakai baju color kuning...
Juli said…
kesian pakcik polis keletihan berbakti kepada kerajaan pnyer TAK PASAL2.huhu
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