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C.E. Durian Fest!

Durian Season Is Back!

Date: 25 July 2011

It's an annual event for my department to indulge durian together - like a durian picnic day! I missed last year's fest... Boo hoo... So I made sure I had a good time this time around.

Pulut and pengat!

Durian runtuh!

We had pulut pengat durian, manggostines, rambutans, and the king of fruit itself, DURIAN! I had 10 ulas of durians... Hihi~ Enough to last for a year in my body system!

The predators! - We will definitely win Fear Factor if durian is at stake.

The preys! - or what's left of them... [*u*]Y


Achiq said…
waaaaa... rasa rindu kat opis lama.. Kertih Port... every yr mesti buat durian fiesta mcm ni... mkn lak kat tepi pantai...syok woooo....
Ju Zie said…
Pergh... tepi pantai lagi kawww... ni tepi asap2 kilang, kiki!
Juli said…
yela kakzai, kat pmo tade mersa nk makan fiesta durian macam ni. maklum jer la, tgh kumpul duit section nk p beijing as inspired by then section head :p
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