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Fashion: FitFlop - Healthy Sandals!

Date: 9 July 2011

Mak wanted FitFlops sooo bad after seeing her officemates wearing them to work. I have never heard of the brand, and usually would not even look twice at the sandals - it's pricy and labelled "Normal Price". Hmmph! A lady's testimonial was written in one of their promotional banners: "After having one Fitflop, I felt like buying another 5 pairs!!" Wow...! If she can afford 5 pairs, she surely can buy an iPad!

Hasben decided to buy for Mak a pair as a belated birthday present. Surely Mak's love for him increased - could even exceed her love for me, her own daughter! Hihi...

FitFlop promised that by wearing their product, it will help shape our legs and reduce strains and pains. "You need one too," said Hasben to me. "Pregnant women should not be wearing heels!" Hellooo... Kimora Lee Simmons looked fine in her stilletos during her pregnancy~ But who am I to resist such an offer - buy me one too!!

I must say that the sandals are really comfy and the designs are not old-lady like. In regards to sexy, shaped legs, I haven't noticed any changes yet after using it for about 1 month. Am still waiting for a miracle...~

Mine in brown, Mak's in grey!

Visit FitFlop's official site for more details on their Gym Sandals.


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