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Sewing Machine Cover~

Baju Raya for Mommies' Sewing Machines!

Date: 9 August 2011

Both Mak and Mama the MIL were given the same brand sewing machines from me last year (Brother).

I recently borrowed Mak's to sew a bag for baby's stroller and due to my ammature-ness, the needle was crooked from sewing over thick fabrics.  To make up for my carelessness, I decided to make a proper cover for Mak's sewing machine. Before this, she simply used a plastic bag to cover her sewing machine from dust. As for Mama, hers was uncovered and dusty.

I had quite a lot of spare fabric from the [Stroller Bag Project]. I used it to design and sew 2 customized sewing machine covers which include large pockets for the paddles, wires, and whatever else the mommies would like to keep.

Tadaaa! Hope they like it! The sewing machines have new clothes to wear for Raya, unlike preggy me who will be borrowing Mak's baju kurung Pahang, ahaks!

Orange cover with a side pocket for paddle and wires!


Juli said…
marc jacob female version made from paka!hahha.lawa.
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