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Book: The Brightest Star In The Sky

Author: Marian Keyes

Honestly, this is a very mysterious story . The first half of it was a bit slow paced for me. However, it became more and more interesting - I just couldn't put the book down! Very creative from Ms Keyes. A bit different from her other books.

My Synopsis:

66 Star Street, a flat in Dublin, home to couples, flatmates, and singletons. The neighbours did not mingle much with each other and minded their own businesses. One day, a special visitor came to 66 Star Street with a mission. It follows the lives of each occupant, analyzing them in order for it to make an important decision. No one can see this visitor but it has the ability to dive into their past memories and current thoughts. We follow the lives of:

1) Katie and her boyfriend Conall - Early 40s singletons finding love.
2) Matt and Maeve - A lovely couple with a very peculiar relationship.
3) Lydia and her Polish flatmates, Jan and Andrei - Having to tolerate each other's annoying habits.
4) Jemima, the sweet but wise old lady, her dog Grudge, and her playboy adopted son, Fionn.

through the eyes of this mysterious entity.

One word to describe this book:


Juli said…
too page 400. still cant grasp the whole idea of story. one of a kind!
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