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Hospital: Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC)

I was torn between Ampang Putri Specialist and PCMC for my first childbirth. I wanted a Selangorian baby but the fact that PCMC is a 5 star hospital is hard to ignore. It is not everyday you get to stay in an elegant hospital room with special attention from the nurses. So my baby will be a KLian after all.

My doctor is Dr Seri, a very friendly lady. The maternity department is on the 6th floor - I had my monthly pregnancy check up here.

Me and Hasben's on the go breakfast at Tarik Cafe
View from the main lift
The lobby

I checked-in to PCMC at 11.30PM on 8th Oct 2011.

Sofa bed for papa bear, hospital bed for mama bear, trolley bed for baby bear... =p
The toilet & bathroom...

After giving birth to Baby Kimi, I slept the whole day due to the pain killer I took before labor. So the first day, I was not able to enjoy the hospital food. However, on the 2nd day, I ordered from the menu whatever my appetite desired - This was met with naggings from Mak and MIL. "Orang dalam pantang mana boleh makan benda-benda ni. Salmon gatal...!" Ooookay~ Confinement menu it is... (-_-)"

Salmon, mushroom soup, chocolate cake... Too bad I have to give the salmon to Dad...

Being a first time mom, it was very challenging to breastfeed. PCMC nurses were encouraging all moms to BF. They would show this nearly-disgusted expression if I told them "No BF today". To help me out, the hospital let me borrow Medela Symphony, a multi-user breast pump which saved me from a lot of pain.

Life saver!!

I was also required to attend 2 classes through out my stay here: Breastfeeding Class (no surprise there) & Physiotherapy Class.

View from our room window
Beautiful flowers from Am and WinZie - Tq dearest...

Apart from the super duper labor pain, I had a wonderful stay here... *Thumbs up!*


Juli said…
hospital like this, nk beranak pon rasa macam dok hotel. company also has his own bed. how coool~
Ju Zie said…
company must pay RM20 per night nk tdo atas sofa bed, hehe... klo x, lantai jela~
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