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Hotel: The Ascott, KL

Date: 5 October 2011

 After our dinner date at Ben's, JulieZac and I went back to her posh lodging, The Ascott, a walking distance from KLCC - across the street from Mandarin Oriental (still hoping to spend a night here one day)... *wink wink*

Us, still full from the yummy desserts at Ben's!

This is a really posh apartment - a kitchen, 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom each! We chit chatted after I settled down from inspecting every corner... Hihi!

Cute kitchen... 
JulieZac's room - The master bedroom. 
MY room... yup, I got my very own room!! 
The living room...

The toilets were surprisingly provided without washing pipes, so manual water collection using glass is required (-_-)"

One of the best hotel toiletries I've ever seen - L'Occitane!!

The Kiblat sign is not on the ceiling but in the drawer near the save of the master bedroom. It is hard to find without asking the staff.

Breakfast was... Hmmm... 2/5: Low rating because of the limited variety of food. However, the view was a bit special since it was at the Sky Lounge. Peaceful KL in the morning~

Time to say goodbye to posh living... JulieZac checking out... Tata!


Juli said…
walaweii..tgk gmba posh la plak~bila duduk dalam rasa wadevah!
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