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Me & Crochet!

Learn New Things Everyday!

I have always wanted to try crochetting ever since my uni days. It seemed so hard when I look it up the internet - pictures and wordings can be so confusing.

The urge came again as I waited for my due date. I tried a new approach - learning from youtube! I can follow exactly the teachers in the videos, pause when they are moving too fast and rewind when I am completely lost!

Learning from Youtube!

I bought 4 not so expensive yarns (let's not be too ambitious!) from Ampang Park and a crochet hook.

Doing my first chain stitch!

The week before, I had purchased online a set of hooks but knowing how impatient I can be to wait for the postman, I bought the crochet hook so I can start my project ASAP!

They arrived a bit too late - project already begin!

Initially, I planned to make a baby blanket.

Double crocheting the first blue stripe...
Add a yellow stripe... 
Is getting impatient - too many DCs~!

At last, doing sooo many double crochets was starting to drive me insane. I WILL NOT GIVE UP! So instead, I changed my mission to a smaller project... A baby pillow cover!

I crocheted the half-pinwheel border in the hospital, before and after giving birth.

During my confinement, I did 2 small hearts (Hasben would not allow flower patterns - "He's a boy FGS..." Fine!) and sew Baby Kimi's name.

My first crochet project - Mission accomplished!

Next project from youtube was pyjamas pants. I needed something comfy to where during my confinement. I used an old sarung and at first, the pants waist was too low - secret body part was exposed. I extended the waist higher. The project kept me busy for only 3 days, including alterations here and there. Now I keep wearing it everyday! Time for laundry...~

What's next??! *Thinking*


MammaSun said…
hola....tak sangka aku ko pandai buat benda2 gini...cumil bangat!!
Juli said…
bantal comel is the best art for beginner mommy.hahah
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