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Movie: Johnny English Reborn

Date: 27 September 2011


I am not so sure if I have watched the first Johnny English but this second one is, hmmm... okay... Julie Zac and I spent a BFF day out as 'non-mommies' - actually, my last moment without momzy responsibilities. There were many laughable scenes, thanks to the not so sharp but very confident British spy, Mr English. Johnny English was framed for being the 3rd member of Vortex, a group plotting the murder of the Chinese Prime Minister. With the help oh his young side-kick, he had to clear his name and save the Prime Minister. Rowan Atkinson may be getting older, but his sense of humor is still very much the same - exactly like his Mr Beans siries days. Although I am not a fan of silly comedies, it was watchable for me.

Johnny English versus Sweet Old Chinese Assassin Lady = Priceless!!

Sweetest assassin ever!

Rating: 6/10!

Side story:

Dinner at: The Appartment

For dinner, Julie Zac brought me to The Apartment in KLCC for an early birthday treat. It was my first time here... the place was quite romantic - with a candle between us, dim lighting - a true fine dining experience - not to mention the price! Thank god we're not men, it would be very awkward!

Tapau the leftovers - too full!

Night time at: Seri Pacific Hotel, KL

Since Julie Zac had a 4-day training here, I crashed her room for 1 night, having late night girl talk. We were running out of stories to share since we spent the whole day talking. I was impressed with the room, quite modern. However, the complimentary breakfast was only for 1 person - yeah for left over takeaway!!

Gorgeous bathroom setup! Loving it!

You gotta love having besties - girl friends light up our day in a whole different way! Muax to Julie Zac!

Our dinner date~


Juli said…
hahaha..lets do it again this week!
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