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Restaurant: Ben's at KLCC

Last Dinner Date As A Non-Mommy With JuliZac~

Date: 5 October 2011

Again JulieZac travelled to KL for a work thingy. My family, JulieZac and I watched The Smurfs at KLCC. I bid the family goodbye as tonight, me and JulieZac were planning to spend some alone time~ Haha!

The Menu... What to choose? Hmm~

 We had dinner at Ben's, KLCC. Both of us was not so hungry. JulieZac heard that Ben's had superb desserts so we ordered french fries, and 2 cakes - Ben's special chocolate cake or something & Cheese cake sundae blah blah (I can't remember the names!) They were really awesome but I think each dish was meant for 2. I was struggling to finish my Blah-blah sundae!

The prices were okay - average. The atmosphere was a bit mamak like. It was noisy - we had to kind of shout to hear each other across the table. Not a place to spill your heart out...

However, the setting was nice. Dark with yellow lighting - gives the feeling of poshness.

Is planning to dine here again soon!


Juli said…
the 'visit again' plan, pls bring husband and kimi.hahah
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