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Restaurant: Hometown Yong Tow Foo

Date: 4 October 2011

Mak was admitted into Ampang Putri Hospital due to a frozen shoulder. She had really bad aches on her right hand. The day before her surgery, Dad and me accompanied her for lunch at Hometown Yong Tow Foo.

Ampang Putri Hospital - Building in blue, pink, white...

Located right across the street from Ampang Putri, Home Town Yong Tow Foo as its name suggests, is famous for its yong tow foo. The menu lets you choose to have the foods fried or boiled in soup - it's your choice!

A taste of Chinese cuisine!

We had both fried and boiled yong tow foo, together with rice and crunchy chicken wings. Dip in their special sauce - yummy!!!

Business hour...

Contact details on its wet tissues.

Mak was delighted to eat something other than hospital food - especially fried, oily ones?? Ooops! [^u^]Y


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