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Shah Alam , Malaysia

Babymoon and Photo Madness!

Date: 17 August 2011

Babymoon is a new word for me. We very often hear "honeymoon", but "babymoon"?? It is basically a romantic getaway for future mommy and daddy to spend some alone time before the birth of their baby. A simple way to put it: Honeymooning with a big pregnant belly!

It takes a lot of effort to plan for a babymoon. Couples are usually busy with work, mommies are so restless with their hormonial changes, and let's face it, the honeymooning FIRE is basically somewhere in a distant memory... Hihi... After many failed attempts, me and Hasben decided to name our Shah Alam training trip at Concorde Hotel as our babymoon - work not neglected, plus free accomodation! I know what you're thinking, cheapskates!!

Our Shah Alam tour included a few places where we can take some pregnancy photoshoots (I am still wandering how I was influenced into this new tradition). Like others who pay professional photographers to snap some big-belly-hugging pics of future mommies and daddies, us the cheapskates brought along our tripod and very basic SLR, switched on the 10 second timer, and posed like no one was looking (in reality, people were obviously trying not to stare and laugh).

Let me take you on our babymoon journey around the city of Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor.

1. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque - Malaysia's Blue Mosque

Fun facts:
- The largest mosque in Malaysia and the second largest in South East Asia
- Has the largest religious dome in the world!!
- The four minarets are the second tallest in the world.
- However, it still maintains the distinction of having the world's tallest group of minarets!! Woowwwee!

2. Shah Alam Royale Theater

- The latest landmark in the city of Shah Alam
- Architecture style: Malay-Bugis concept.

3. Shah Alam Museum

- Architecture style: Minangkabau concept.

4. Shah Alam Lake Gardens / Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Seriously, the internet calls it Shah Alam Lake Gardens but you cannot find it anywhere on the signboards or GPS. Search for Taman Tasik instead. This park is sooo peaceful. We did most of our cheesy posings here, hihi.

Nearby is the Shah Alam Water Park - Fasting and preggy, not really a good idea to go here now, maybe next time.

5. Istana Bukit Kayangan

The second official palace of Selangor Sultan after Istana Alam Shah in the royal town of Klang. It is located on top of Bukit Kayangan. From here, we can see a lovely view of Shah Alam.

6. Tugu Negeri Selangor

A memorial monument to remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers protecting the state of Selangor.

We ended our day trip by break fasting at Nandos, Mid Valley. Good bye Shah Alam!


Juli said…
master angle la u. superb!
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