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Cloth Pads for Earth Loving Ladies~

Reducing Waste 1 Disposable Pad At A Time!

I've just bought my first 5 cloth pads from Fabulous Mom. The brand is Mama Patch. The retail price per pad is RM17 but I bought them on sale - success! They are pretty expensive when compared to the disposable ones. However, the advantages are worth the money.

1) They are washable thus reusable - No more monthly expenditure for pads. In the long run, you'll be saving more money!
2) Reduce waste. This can help our environment as diapers and pads will take about 500 years to disintegrate, so less usage of landfill areas!
3) No more rashes. Plastic causes our skin to melecet and itch. The soft cotton flannel feels as though we're not wearing any pads at all! Super comfy!
4) They are cute - comes with many colours and patterns. If you are anything like me, this IS a very important point!
5) The snap button makes sure the pad stays in place. Disposable pads can curl up and causes leakage on the side. Wings you say? They can sometimes cause skin irritations!

I am loving these pads - they make me want to write about them in my blog! At least now I don't feel guilty by filling the thrash cans with too many non-degradable wastes.

So ladies, let's help save the planet by converting to a more environmental friendly menstrual solution! [Go green!]


Juli said…
wah. aku tak penah tau dis cute thing exists. suitable utk mama yg byk pakai pads. normal period woman like me is still considering malas to basuh.hihihi
Juraidah Hashim said…
wei, kalo heavy flow xdek masalah leaking ke ape ek
Ju Zie said…
Ko kena rajin tuka mcm yg disposable pad klo heavy flow.
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