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My Cloth Wipes!

Another Confinement Project...

Baby wipes are really important especially when mommy, daddy and baby are out and about. When at home, for messy poo-poo, I prefer washing baby's bum directly in the sink.

Baby gifts - Disposable wipes.

To substitute baby wipes, some parents prefer to use cloth wipes to save money and of course the environment. You can purchase cute cloth wipes from websites like Mama Patch and Zany-Zebra. The materials for the wipes are flannel/velour.

Super cute designs!

As for me, I tried making my own. The materials are unknown since I used whatever left over cloths available at home - just as long as they're water absorbent.

I even made a bag to store the wipes for travelling purposes.

As for the wipe solution, I found a simple recipe from the internet:
2 tbsp baby shampoo, 2 tbsp oil, and 2 cups waterClick here for more info.

I'll have to wait until all the disposable wipes are used to start using these homemade wipes. Hopefully it is suitable for my baby's delicate bum!


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