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Newborn Jubah for Kimi

The Tiny Haji Kimi~

Kimi's Majlis Cukur Jambul was only a week away. I saw in Facebook the pretty attires other babies wore for their "welcome to the world partayyy". I didn't give much thought for Kimi though. So Mak suggested that I sew a tiny jubah for him. That sounds like a great idea, only that I do not know how to make one. The only thing I had in mind was the "How to make baby shirts from your old T-shirts" tutorial that I read somewhere from the internet... That's close enough!

I took one of Kimi's shirt for the shape and sizing... And traced it on my extra nikah cloth. Being satin and very tiny, I had to hand sew the jubah as it will be very very challenging to use a sewing machine.

Added borders for the collar and sleeves.

Lil' Kimi trying out the first prototype. I'm so relieved that the jubah was no too small. I didn't prepare for any counter measures!

The completed design - 100% handmade! My little man is ready to go to Haj... Hihi...

Say goodbye to my hair!


Juli said…
kimiboy has a piece of his parents outfit for their big!
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