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OZ Garage Sale!

Going to Our First Garage Sale...

Date: 3 December 2011

We are still looking for a house to rent. Kak Ramiza and family have been sooo kind to let us stay with her until we find one. The renting process is very elaborate here, not as simple like in Malaysia.

We tagged along our new friends to visit about 7 garage sales today. Aussies love having garage sales to get rid of their unwanted items or to move out. This is the chance for us 'poor' folks to grab some basic items at extremely low prices.

Shopping time!
Loading our purchase

Our purchase for today includes:
1) Vacuum cleaner - AUD3!
2) Microwave - AUD10
3) New utensil set - AUD8
4) Tupperware plates & jug - AUD5
5) Baby cot blanket - AUD5
6) Heater - AUD8
7) Dustbin - AUD2
8) Baby jumper - AUD1
9) Football boot - AUD1
10) 3 laundry basket - AUD1

Can't wait for next weekend! Going to garage sales has become a habit of Malaysian students in Toowoomba. It is a must every weekend!


Juli said…
oh my!super cheappp~
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