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Paka's Hall of Memories~

Our Colourful Poster Collection~

For 3 years, JuliZac, Rieyn and I had been summarizing our single laydeh activities in the form of posters. Even after getting married and taking over the house, I let the posters stay on the living room wall. This tradition was initiated by Rieyn when she taped the very first poster of our first holiday in Terengganu, Pulau Kapas.

 Pulau Kapas 1 - By Rieyn
 Pulau Kapas 2 - By Rieyn
 Tasik Kenyir 1 - By Ju
 Tasik Kenyir 2 - By Rieyn
Dinner with Ladies in Red - By Rieyn
Fit's Bachelorette "Breaking Fast Party" - By Rieyn
 Taman Negara 1 - By Rieyn
Taman Negara 2 - By Ju
Taman Negara 3 - By Kzmi
Melaka Road Trip - By Ju
First Year Anniversary House Warming Party - By Ju
Beijing 1 - By JuliZac
Beijing 2 - By Ju
Bali 1 - By Rieyn
Bali 2 - By Ju
Pulau Redang 1 - By JuliZac
Pulau Redang 2 - By Ju
Pulau Redang 3 - By Rieyn
Hong Kong 1 - By Rieyn
Hong Kong 2 - By Ju
Hong Kong 3 - By JuliZac
Bangkok 1 - By Ju
Bangkok 2 - By JuliZac
Breaking Fast Party - By Ju

I don't know the nasib of these posters once the new tenant arrives... Most probably they'll be going straight to the bin. Hopefully, the new tenants aren't perverts who collect pictures of gorgeous ladies (Hihi!) under their pillows! Hmmm... Now I regret not removing them myself!


Juli said…
sekejapan je u left, then a couple of husband n wife came in. dunno la wut happen to those 'artwork'.huhu
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