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Dangerous Ad Strategy!

Temptation Straight on Your Door Step!

To be more precise, on your mailbox! This danger is a threat to our wallets, thus our savings. The more we fall for its scheme, the closer we are to starvation!

I am talking about pamphlets... Yes, in Malaysia we do have the occasional junk mails in out postbox or thrown randomly on our car porch - sometimes left untouched to the point of rotting. But here, the situation is 5 times more critical! Nearly everyday we can expect at least 4 pamphlets in our mailbox, ready to influence us with the deadly words: Sale!; Half price!; Old price $XX New price $XX!; We're the cheapest in town!; If you can find cheaper elsewhere, we'll shoot ourselves! (I made this one up). It is the battle of supermarkets and retail shops. They are selling practically the same thing, just needs to beat their competitor's price.

Everyday, I will eye my mailbox for new pamphlets. Hasben and I will sit together, browsing through them and shouting to each other:

1) Wow!!! 4 bags of chips for $6!
2) Damn!! We bought this too soon! It's cheaper now!
3) I MUSTTT buy this! (Hasben reading the offers from a car accesories catalogue)
4) When do these offers end? We have to go tomorrow!

The ad strategies do really work! It reminds us to buy something that we don't really need or things we didn't know even existed.

Here's 2 weeks worth of pamphlets that I have filtered as interesting. The rest goes straight into the recycle bin:

Anyway, Happy New Year 2012 peeps!

Blogging on the go!


Juli said…
ganas2 marketing wording derang. dari pada taknak beli bole jadik terdesak utk beli!hahah
Ju Zie said…
U got that right! Dh siap nk p woolworths, cancel sbb bru sdar sale start esoknye!
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