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Got Milk?

I'm In Milk Haven!

Since I was young, I love drinking milk... the liquid ones, not powder - so it is quite costly for my parents since my siblings and I, as my mom put it, "Minum susu macam air paip!" (Drink milk like tap water). She tried reducing the milk consumption by implementing a few methods:

1) Bought milk powder as a substitution - FAIL since dad's Nescafe susu did not taste as good.
2) Limiting the milk usage only for Nescafe susu purposes - FAIL because as long as the carton is in the fridge, and of course when mom is not looking, we will bedal it like tap water!

Dutch Lady was not our first choice, it was Marigold - because it was cheaper.

My parents finally solved this issue by... waiting patiently for us to grow up and go to colleges. Without us at home, the milk lasts a bit longer in the fridge. This is good news because last I checked, 1 liter of milk costs about RM5!! When I was a little girl (about 15 years ago, am I that old??) it costed about RM3. I remember how dad used to put 1 dozen of milk carton in our trolley during groceries shopping... every time!

How greedy can I be? Milk and orange juice - My 2 flavoured 'tap water'~

Anyway, now that I am in Australia, I am super duper happy! No more catuan susu!! Milk here cost about $1/liter which is about RM3/liter. Plus, Hasben dislikes milk, so no competition, hihi. And guess what.... My old habit is back. Milk = tap water... Happy! =)


Juli said…
susu macam air paip? comel sokmo perumpamaan mak ko.hahah
MammaSun said…
yes i'm also susu fan~ Dari kecik sampai besar, mak aku wajibkan susu. Susu tepung pun aku boleh ratah mentah2...ekekek....dan bila dah kahwin, i'm feel so lucky sbb hubby akan make sure stok susu low fat dutch lady mesti sentiasa ada dalam fridge.....walaupun tak sesedap full cream milk...tapi bedal je laa...kadang2 susu anak aku pun aku bole telan kalo dia tak habis minum...susu budak sedap lemak berkrim....huwaaa
WinZie said…
Awwww, memories! ♥ I miss you!
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