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My First Sewing Machine!

A New (-ly Bought) Sewing Machine~

Date: 7 January 2012

It's a wonder how I have never own a sewing machine. I love sewing and making things. However,  wonder no more! Because on my 2nd wedding anniversary, Hasben and I spent our special day by going to garage sales (sweet right? *Sarcastic*) and found a 10 year old Janome sewing machine! We bought it for $15 after negotiating it from $40. The sellers were such a sweet couple...~ Just needs to get rid of the old machine... =p

Another purchase was a Kenwood cake mixer thingy which I really need to make doughnuts with. No more aching hand like what happened in "Doughnut or Do-Not?"

Back home, my mind was already planning all sorts of projects that I can make with my 'brand new' sewing machine. I have bought some pretty cloths during the New Year sales.

As promised to Zana, the first thing that was created from ol' Janome was her nursing poncho so she can feed baby Alisya any time.. any where...!

Pretty colours!!!

Next, 8 hours non-stop - to the extend of burning the midnight oil - I made something special for myself, a multi-purpose bag. Big enough to store baby's stuff, student's stuff and lady's stuff but still small enough to look cool (Haha!).

Aaaa...~ I'm sooo happy! What's next? Hmmm~


Juli said…
i feel like mau kirim mesin jait mura dari sana laa..tiba2 merenyam nk menjahit. crosstitch pon masih terbengkalai
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