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Restaurant: Q Thai Village, Ampang

Date: 22 November 2011

Mama wanted to eat out for lunch, preferably Steamboat or Tomyam. It was perfect timing since it was the last day of my confinement period. Hip hip hoorayyy!!!

So off we went to Taman Dagang to try Q Thai Village which was thankfully openned during lunch time. However, no steamboat for us since that menu is only available after 5PM (sad face, dissapointed tummy). The set up was very nice, thumbs up for the interior designer d(^u^)b

We ordered the usual - tomyam, ikan 3 rasa, kailan ikan masin + sotong goreng tepung and ayam pandan.

 For drinks, I ordered fresh mango blend - yummy!!! Although I was not suppose to have cold drinks, I just could not say NO! Everything was delicious except for the fried squids, it was undercooked. Once they rectified that problem, all is well. Everyone was super full to the point that no one was talking.

Little Rayyan is also enjoying his meal~

For 6 stuffed adults, the bill was RM120++. Maybe it's on the expensive side, I'm not sure... you be the judge. Taste bud wise... superb!


Juli said…
20+rm sorng . ok la tu utk makan hidang sedap2..alaa2 keny rogers kan~
MammaSun said…
wah kena try gak lah far asik masuk wong solo je kalo gi sini ;p
Ida Zahar said…
very reasonable price i wud say...penting nk tau, tomyam kt situ rs mcm mn? i plg x suka kalau tom yam ade rs sweet2..potong stim..4 me tomyam suppose to be hot, spicy, sour & dat's it! correct me if m wrong... :)
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