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Sofa Makeover!

From Flowery to Stripy!

Owh how I've missed sewing! It is quite hard to find hobby-time when you're busy juggling between report writing and screaming baby! But today, I successfully cleared up my timetable for some ME time (screaming baby is always in the picture, nothing much I can do about that).

What's interesting here in Toowoomba is Vinnie's - a volunteer/charity-based secondhand shop where people can donate their unwanted things, and other people (like me) can buy these things at very cheap prices. The money goes to charity. Can you see how this is a win-win-win-win situation?: Doner clears house from junks, buyer gets cheap quality items, some folks get charity money, and volunteers get satisfaction for being good people (???). We should have this sort of shops in Malaysia!

Anyways, as a good-hearted person, I like shopping at Vinnie's (seriously, because I'm a cheapskate). I bought an old sofa-bed for $20 early this year. Two small beds, stacked on top of each other = sofa! Creative right?

The only drawback is that the covers cannot be removed so I can't chuck them into the washing machine - which is important since only God knows their actual level of cleanliness, and not to mention the few rips here and there. To resolve this problem - sew new covers.

So again, back to Vinnie's for cheap bed covers and linens. Instead of buying new cloth, I decided to modify a single bed sheet into the backrest cover.

'Gainsborough' brand - is this expensive? I have just destroyed it...

3... 2... 1... Tadaaa...! Looks a bit modern don't you think? Hasben liked the flowerry granny pattern better but he has no say in this matter whatsoever... Hihi...

Blogging on the go!


Juli said…
seriously awesome! agak2 tade upah ngajar budak master nnt bole jadik subcon lorenzo or ikea!ahaha
Ju Zie said…
Workmonship 0 kuality mmg kna fired on the spot, kah3!
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