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Kimi's First Ball

The Not-So-Spherical Ball~

Date: 29 July 2012

Watching my lil one play, I noticed that he was enjoying his little red ball... Crawling and chasing after it around the room. It wasn't exactly a ball, but one of the shapes from his Lamaze sorter.

Since both Hasben and I are yet to find part time jobs, we have been quite frugal in all aspects. So I decided to make Kimi his very first ball. He is after all a boy and everyone knows that boys and balls are related in some ways.

There are many tutorials for cloth balls in the internet... And those crafty mommies sure know how to make them! This particular tutorial is superb and it comes with a printable template for 3 sizes: small, medium and large. I chose to make a medium sized ball.

Choosing a decent colour and pattern combination from my collection of dull scrap cloths:

Cutting them out into 4 pairs:

Half of a ball ready:

Time to destroy this old cushion for the stuffings:

Yeah!!! It's a... Mmm... Bumpy looking ball!:

After all the hardwork, Kimi didn't seem too keen to play with this made-with-love ball... So I forced him for picture sake and this is the best I could capture (looks like he wants to play with it but the truth is, he was just looking at it):

So what did I actually see when he was playing with the small red ball? Could it be that he was attracted to the red colour??!!


Juli said…
hahaha.. funny as always.

muiz pon attracted to bright color. agknyer baby suka color vibrant kot.
chicA said… bola tuh sgt comel lah jue... kagum nyer
Ju Zie said…
Tq tq Khin... Tp bola tu dh kna sambal.. Citt!!
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