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Kimi's First Trip Home...

... To Malaysia!

Ewan, my BIL was getting married on 7/7/12. To honour him, Hasben and I had to *smile and pretended it was no biggie* fly ourselves home to Ampang. We decided to spend 2 weeks with our families and let Kimi mingle and bond with his beloved grandparents.

So this post is about Kimi's little adventure in a land we call Ampang!

Flying with AirAsia and made some new friends:

Went to his first wedding ceremony in Banting:

Visited Ibu's favourite malls: Ampang, Point, Spectrum, Galaxy Ampang, KLCC, Pavi, and Mid Valley.

Mid Valley Mega Mall!

Went to his first PC Fair:

KL Convention Centre - Pengsan sudah...~

Met Ibu's gorgeous friends:

... and vidabayu!!

Wore his first baju melayu:

Was able to wear sexy outfits like all Malaysian babies:

... and drive a car... "Ekele.. Merah brentila bro!"

Last but not least, spent some quality time with his much loved extended family:

With Uncle Hadif!

Bye Ampang, till we meet again~


Juli said…
you guys came back to be sweet enough to see families and on the other hand get a visit from far away bestie to honour your return! yippi
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